With hectic lives, technology, and full schedules, it’s easy for us to jump out of bed and get right to the day without setting ourselves up to feel good. Establishing a morning routine can provide clarity, intentionality, empowerment, and an opportunity to prioritize our wellness before life distracts us. When you give yourself time in your day to take care of yourself and prioritize your wellbeing, you can be a better partner, employee, business owner, parent and person. Life is crazy, and morning routines can seem daunting. But your morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are 4 tips to design a morning routine you can do every day that promotes your happiest, healthiest self.


Figure out how much time you have for your morning routine and commit to spending that time in the rituals that bring you joy. Maybe it’s 20 minutes, maybe it’s an hour. No matter how much time you have, schedule it. Time gets away from us, so scheduling your morning routine can help you stick to it each day.


Now that you know how much time you have to spend on your morning routine, fill it with the most important things. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your morning routine. It exists to serve you, and set you up for success in having a productive, meaningful day. If movement matters to you, make a workout part of your morning routine. If you prefer to start your day in solitude and reflection, make time for journaling. If one of your values is family, make time for connection with loved ones before the day whisks you away.

Start by making a list of what your ideal day entails. Then, figure out how to emulate these things within the timeframe that you have.


A morning routine can set the foundation for your day. So, use this time to set yourself up for success in your day. Focus on how you want to feel throughout the day — in your body, in your work, in your home — and do the things that support this. Declutter your mind, physical space and energy of anything that doesn’t serve you and cultivate what does. You can write a gratitude list, set an intention for the day, meditate or get clear on your schedule and priorities. One of my favorites is to create an affirmation. Download my free guide to creating an affirmation!


We’ve become pros at multitasking! We’ll dive into one thing, then get distracted by something else. Your morning routine should be filled with your non-negotiables. Since you’ve scheduled this time to go about your routine, and you’ve committed to filling it with things that are most important to you, honor this sanctuary you’ve created for yourself and trust that everything else on your to do list can happen after you’ve set your morning up for success. Take your time, and savor this ritual you’ve created.


As I ground into my values this season, I paused to reexamine my morning routine with the intention of curating a set of rituals that serves my healthiest, most at ease and most productive self. For the first time ever, my schedule is completely within my control, so I’ve cultivated a morning routine that helps me focus, promotes calmness, and supports my wellness. Here are my morning non-negotiables:


I love a good cup of coffee, not only for the taste and smell, but also for the ritual. I love to pour a warming cup, and sit in quiet and stillness, or with good company while I enjoy it. It’s my way of gently moving into the day. I always start my day with 32 ounces of room temperature water and a cup of good coffee on the couch, in my favorite chair, or in bed, never on the go. I use my Almond Cow [use code REALFOODFED for $15 off] to make fresh plant-based milk at home, which is the perfect addition to my coffee and I always add Vital Proteins collagen.


Before doing anything else, I take a look at my inbox, to do list and schedule, and set my priorities. I decide what I’m going to tackle each day, and what can wait. I rearrange as necessary to fulfill on what’s important to me that day, and let the rest go. This helps me to stay focused and productive throughout my day, since I’ve already established an agenda. Use my tips for creating a badass to do list if this is important to you too!


Daily movement is something that’s important to me. It clears my head, wakes me up, and sets the tone for a powerful day. I’ve learned that if I leave movement for later in the day, other things pop up and I’m less likely to go, so I always make it a part of my morning. This includes a walk with my dog, King, and then yoga or weightlifting.


I dedicate time to taking care of my physical body before diving into the workday. I brush, floss and tongue scrape my teeth, dry brush my body, shower, and then give my skin some love with my nontoxic skincare routine. Right now I’m loving my Primally Pure dry brush [use code REALFOOD FED for 10% off} and my Vitruvi Gua Sha. I also have a full shopping guide for my favorite skincare products!


Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll meditate for 5-10 minutes before sitting down at my desk to work. This meditation serves as a buffer period between my morning and my workday, so I can drop into the right headspace to be productive.

Identify your non-negotiables, design your morning routine, and set yourself up for a powerful day!