healthy home.png

Show of hands: whose house gets messier as the week goes on? Same. Not gonna lie, there are dirty dishes in my sink more often than not these days.

I’ve worked hard to let go of the idea that my house can never be messy, but I notice how my wellness is impacted when my home isn’t lookin’ so hot. When it comes to wellness, we think so much about how to treat our bodies, but what about how we treat our environment?

Infusing wellness into my home space allows me to think more clearly, work free of distractions, and experience ease + comfort in my home, all of which contribute to my overall sense of wellness

These are a few of my favorite ways to create wellness in my home:


I’m convinced that organization solves 99.99% of problems in life. Keeping your space organized will allow you to prioritize what really matters. I’m committed to using my brain power to create the life I want, not look for that thing that’s...somewhere around here


I spend at least 5 minutes each day putting things back in their homes. I do as much as I have time for: cups in the dishwasher, clothes in the hamper, shoes by the door. Creating an impeccable physical space also creates an impeccable energetic space


I switched to nontoxic home products 3 years ago. By ditching harsh chemicals + health-harming ingredients I’m reducing our toxic load + supporting our natural detox pathways in a sustainable way


I got sick of looking at ugly bottles of soap, surface cleaner + dirty sponges. I would never buy clothes for myself I didn’t think looked great, so why would I buy things for my home I don’t like looking at? Swapping in glass spray bottles + natural sponges makes me feel inspired by + happy in every corner of my home


I keep fresh eucalyptus in our shower and I have 5 plants in my office to make our home feel like a place where life happens. I diffuse essential oils most days to set the mood and I burn Palo Santo when I want. Are these things necessary? No. Do they make my home feel like an inviting, cozy, inspiring place? Definitely.