wellness coaching to curate the life you want, powerfully + authentically


The CEO + your coach at Curate Wellness Co. I’m a nutritionist, yoga teacher, and recovering Type A who helps badass women ditch harmful habits, limiting beliefs, and burnout so they can live they life they want, powerfully and authentically.

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Here’s what you need to know about me: I woke up one morning and realized the perception I had of myself and my life was so. far. off. from what I was actually living.

I had in my head that I needed to achieve X, Y, and Z before I could be happy, chase my dreams, and live the life I wanted. I was chronically busy, stressed and hustling for everything I thought I had to earn, from my self worth to my friendships, to my financial earnings. I was exhausted, miserable and not living my truth.

I decided I was done hustling and reacting to the life I didn’t want. I set out to intentionally curate every aspect of my life so that I felt excited, energized, aligned and fully alive every single day. I set ambitious goals, focused on developing the essence of myself, rather than my to do list, and radically shifted my perspective away from “shoulds” and towards possibility.

Today, I work with badass women who know there’s more out there. Who are done settling for busy. Who want to live the life they’ve always dreamed of and become the person they were always meant to be. When you hire me, I give you tangible, real life tools [and accountability, my expertise] in an intimate, customized setting so you feel seen, supported and challenged to become your most authentic, powerful self. Your wellness should work for you, not the other way around. It’s time to curate the life you’ve always wanted.

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