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The CEO + your coach at Curate well Co. I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m really great at accountability. I’m also an expert at creating structure from scratch, prioritizing to get to the essence of what really matters, and simplifying for practicality. I have high standards and a whole lot of love for the version of you that will make people stop in their tracks. Which is why my job is to help you ditch harmful habits, limiting beliefs, and burnout so you can live the life you want, powerfully and authentically. More specifically, I meet you where you’re at in your wellness journey so you feel seen and validated, turn your fears into actionable goals using tangible, practical tools, and [lovingly] call BS on your thought patterns and habits so you can do life with intuition and confidence.

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I woke up one morning and realized the perception I had of myself and my life was so. far. off. from what I was actually living.

I had in my head that I needed to achieve X, Y, and Z before I could be happy, chase my dreams, and live the life I wanted. I was technically healthy: I ate all the right things, did all the right exercise, had clear skin and a reliable bank account. but I was chronically busy, stressed and hustling for everything I thought I had to earn, from my self worth to my friendships to my financial earnings. I was exhausted, miserable and not living my truth.

I decided I was done hustling and reacting to the life I didn’t want. I set out to intentionally curate every aspect of my life so that I felt excited, energized, aligned and fully alive every single day — just like I did with my diet years before. I asserted the same care i used to create physical wellness that made me feel my best in all the areas of my life.

I set ambitious goals, focused on developing the essence of myself, rather than my to do list, and radically shifted my perspective away from “shoulds” and towards possibility.

Today, I work with badass people who know there’s more out there. Who are done settling for “busy, but good”. Who want to live the life they’ve always dreamed of and become the person they were always meant to be. When we work together, I give you tangible, real life tools [and accountability, my expertise] in an intimate, customized setting so you feel seen, supported and challenged to become your most authentic, powerful self.

Here’s what I am: an engaged, unconditionally supportive partner and thorough coach in helping you do the damn thing. I focus on mindset, habit formation, leadership, and choice to empower you to create wellness that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, realize your worth and potential to come fully into yourself, and start doing the things you’ve never been able to do before.

If you’re here for a cut-and-dry elimination diet so you can finally feel confident in your body, you’re in the wrong place.

If you’re here because what you’ve been doing isn’t working, because you’re done feeling guilty, and because it’s about damn time the world saw who you really are, and for goodness sakes so you can feel confident in your body right now, take off your pants and stay a while [team #nopants].

I believe taking care of yourself shouldn’t be another thing on your to do list that ever-so-subtly rolls over to the next day. I believe you hustle for enough things in your life and your wellness shouldn’t be one of them. I believe Your life should work for you, not the other way around. It’s time to curate the life you’ve always wanted.





I wasn’t entirely sure what to think of my consultation with Pia before we started. I’ve been on a wellness journey for two years treating my Hashimoto’s and SIBO diagnoses and I honestly didn’t know what she could offer me that I haven’t already learned (I’ve done a lot of research). 

But as we chatted, I found myself holding back tears. Here was someone telling me that everything I put in my body is MY choice. Not the choice of my diagnosis. I was the one that decided if the indulgence was worth it or not. She gave me the ability to converse with myself. To weigh the pros and cons and make the choice when I was ready — and be okay with whatever choice I made in the end with no guilt. 

Pia brings a valuable and meaningful experience to her consultations. She enables you to set aside guilt, to give yourself permission, and open your mind to new ideas that can slowly change how you think about your life and wellness. 


Pia never told me what to do. She skillfully opened up choices and empowered me to navigate by my own inner compass.


I did a 2 hour [vision + goals session] with Pia and I left with this overwhelming feeling of 'I can.' Pia supported me in exploring the stories I create about myself that get in the way of living my best life. I left with accessible techniques to release these limiting beliefs and I fulfilled both my personal and career action items for the week. Her approach is thoughtful, supportive and empowering. If you are looking for support in getting out of your own way, I highly recommend partnering with Pia on your journey! I fulfilled both my personal and career action items this week. So thank YOU for empowering me. You rock.


I am truly so happy to have met Pia. She offers so much - she's kind, thoughtful and patient. Thank you, Pia, for your support and guidance! And thank you for coming into my life!


I had no idea I needed a coach until I met Pia! Her compassion and attention to detail allowed me to view my diet and food choices in a completely new light. I learned that by implementing simple structures I could completely change my eating habits and feel more energized. She helped me to clarify the connection between what I eat and how I feel in my body. Her approach is realistic and comprehensive; she always takes into consideration what’s best for me physically, mentally and emotionally. Now I am empowered to make new choices and experience more freedom around food!


I'm grateful for feeling heard and having the space to unpack and learn about myself without judgement. This experience has been life-changing and I finally feel like I have the knowledge of myself and the appropriate tools in my toolbox to live a successful and happy life. I am ready to own my shit and show up for myself!


Pia does such an incredible job of meeting you exactly where you are and facilitating next steps. I came to her with a firm deadline and she adjusted her program to fit my needs. She’s so relatable, knows the right questions to ask in order to get you to dig deep, and is great at holding you accountable (which I really needed!). Through working with her I was able to unearth beliefs I have about myself that tend to dictate the way in which I perceive and receive the world around me. She then gave me tools and action items to practice in order to mindfully re-route my thoughts and actions to be in alignment with my goals. Pia made me feel supported, understood and empowered - I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!


Working with Pia was such an amazing, life changing and fulfilling experience! I walked away feeling like I knew my intuition better, have more confidence in decision making, taking ownership, and have a new group of badass friends. I feel more alive and more like myself than I have in a long time! I learned the stem of my false beliefs and how to cope with them. The tools Pia gives are amazing and tangible.


Before I did this session I was just praying no one asked me where I saw myself in five years. When I left the session, I could confidently say I knew what I wanted my life to look like, and had actionable steps to work toward those goals. I left with short term, and long term goals that didn't seem overwhelming and I was excited to start working toward my future. I loved that the session can be as broad or as narrow as I'd like, and I could focus on the areas of my life that are important to me right now. The session felt very customized to me. While working with Pia I felt very relaxed, and never judged on my vision for my current or future self. I felt as if she truly listened to what I was saying, it felt like she was very invested in my future like it were her own. She explained everything clearly and confidently so I could understand. I love that she explained they "why" behind each step we went through. She is very knowledgeable, positive, encouraging and a great person to work with.


I did not feel “shoulds”, I felt empowered to make the right choices for myself and contribute without a filter. It was amazing to truly understand that there are others grappling with the same issues, despite being highly functional, intuitive, intellectual, reflective people. It made me question and discredit the false beliefs that I am alone in my struggles.



Do you have credentials?

I earned bachelor’s degrees in communication and psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I hold a certification as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP) from the Nutrition Therapy Institute. I’m a yoga teacher trained at the 200 hour level in the Baptiste methodology and registered with the Yoga Alliance. I engage in ongoing leadership training with Light Year Leadership. But what makes me uniquely qualified to support you in establishing sustainable, practical wellness that will support your boldest, most intentional life is that I’ve been where you are. And i know there’s something better for you.

What happens in your coaching programs?

Check out my coaching page to learn more about my one-on-one programs. If you still have questions, email me at pia@curatewellness.co!

What if i want to do it on my own?

There’s nothing quite like working closely with someone whose passion and purpose is to unconditionally support you. But, #life, so I get it. Download the done-for-you weekly wellness plan or check out our courses.

Can I learn about other clients’ experiences?

You can read what other clients have shared about their experience working with me on our testimonials below.

Where else can I find you?

I host and present at workshops, events and retreats. Head to the IRL page to see what’s happening.

I want to work with you! What’s next?

Let’s do it! Complete this form and we’ll schedule your free 30-min consult.



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